NT-Prom and TTC Corp. have mastered the production of high-efficiency filter-thickener FS-2000.

Filter elements are made of stainless steel and provide a high-quality filtering and effective discharge of sediment during regeneration.
The process of filtering is controlled by microprocessor control system.

Setting the filter-thickeners for juice 1st and 2nd carbonation

helps to improve the quality of sugar, raise production efficiency.

Output of filter-thickener:

filtering juice of the 1st carbonation 0,8-1,0 m3/m2/hr

filtering juice of the 2nd carbonation 1,3-1,5 m3/m2/hr

Filtering sulphated juice
(check filtration before evaporation) 1,5-1,8 m3/m2/hr

filtration of syrup to 0,09 m3/m2/hr

Apply filter- thickeners for filtering of sulphated juice (check filtration before evaporation) is more appropriate, as it allows to work without a fine filtration of syrup.

This significantly reduces costs and improves productivity in general, because filtration of thick syrup is much slower, requires supporting materials and more expensive.

Modern filter-thickener mod. 2000S-137/2500-90

General data:

filtering area: 137m2
number of filter elements: 157
distance between elements: 90 mm
length of filter elements: 2500 mm
volume of shortcake: 2710 dm3
net weight: 2450 kg
case volume: 12300 dm3
case diameter: 2000 mm

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