Comprehensive Automation

Single-level automation systems of sugar production on a base of controllers of new generation.


Growing customer demands for information systems cause a modification of software and hardware.

The automation system on Allen Bradley controllers is a single-level and the simplest to build, its escalating does not lead to occurrence of problems inherent in the Ethernet networks.

Hardware and software of Allen Bradley controller allow realize functions of Ethernet with improved characteristics and estimated time of "packages" delivery on Ethernet-IP protocol.


ControlNet network in automation systems on Allen Bradley controllers ensures delivery of signal from the source to the consumer in each pack of transmitted information. This could not be guaranteed when using Ethernet network in most implemented automation systems, and may lead to the transport delay with a corresponding distortion of transmitted data.

Single-level automation system on a base of Allen Bradley controllers and ControlNet,

duplicated by a coaxial network cable to ensure a faultiness of system.

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The uniform integrated control system based on Allen Bradley controllers,

operating the work of all production sites in real time, allows:

• to optimize work of different sites for technical criteria and eliminates a problems of local systems’ integration, thus optimizing

   the technological process of sugar factory in general according to the generalized technical-economic criteria;
• to identify a "bottlenecks" of technological process;
• to reduce a human factor - operator of the manufacturing process - to the level of observer;
• to eliminate a requirement for highly qualified ACS specialists;
• to avoid the ACS developers’ dependence if necessary to adjust boundaries of technological process.

Using the new structure of the automation system with the installation of common standby controller ("hot standby") and ControlNet duplication allows for the first time in the sugar industry to achieve an operational reliability, which is close to the reliability of systems in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

Integrated Allen Bradley development framework is a unique combination of rich functionality and intuitive interface. The total system cost is substantially lower than the costs of implementation of complex hierarchical systems. 

The main advantages of Allen Bradley controllers: 

• programming can be performed by any of six ways: relay-graphic symbols, structured text,

   function blocks, etc.;
• changes in program and the creation of new programs are carried out without stopping

   the technological process and without stopping the controller;
• replacement of any modules is carried out without power-off.

   Output control signals at the same time, or freeze or take those values that established

   by technological service. Modular growth is led "on the fly”.

Another undoubted advantage of these systems is that the operators are not required to have special computer education, which simplifies the training of personnel to work with the system.

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