Chamber Filter-Presses

Chamber filter-presses of different designs with vertically set polypropylene plates and filtration surface from 0,7 up to 2000m2.

Chamber filter-presses are the modern equipment for effective separation of solid and liquid phases of medium- and poor-pressing suspensions in chemical, mining, coal, ceramic, food (sugar) and other industries.

The main operation performed by a chamber filter press:
• filtration;
flushing of sediment;
drying the sludge;
scavenging collector;
discharge of sediment.

The other fields of application of filter-presses:

Food industry:
dehydration of grain mash;
production of starch, aspartame and their derivatives;
production of beer, wine, etc.

hemical industry:
mineral fertilizers;
copper sulphate;
sodium carbonate, carbon white, etc.

Mining industry, hydrometallurgy:
concentrates of metals (Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn, Pt, Sn, Co, Ni, pyrite, etc.);
washing and drying of metal sludges;
alumina, kaolin, chemically purified chalk, limestone, silicates, feldspar,
thickening of "tails", etc.

dewatering of residential sewage;
treatment of industrial waste waters of galvanic and chemical factories, etc.

As an example it is represented a chamber filter press of Joint Russian-Chinese manufacture with a filtration surface 150m2

Chamber-membrane filter press model PKF 150/1500-U

filtration surface, m2


No of chambers


volume of chamber space, m3


sediment thickness, mm


size of filtering plates, mm


maximum working pressure, MPa


pressure in the system of hydraulic clamping, MPa


overall dimensions (no block valves), mm


engine power of oil pressure unit, kW


The advantages of this filter are:

Full automation of the process of filtering based on microprocessor;
simple to operate and maintain automation;
hydraulic membrane wringing of sediment (not required compressor and receiver as in the case of a pneumatic wringing);
the washing device for regeneration of filtering cloth directly on the filter;
effective discharge device: filter discharge time reduced to 7 minutes;
increased to 50 mm depth of the chamber, which increases productivity by 10-12%;
you can adjust the speed of plates movement;
in addition filters can be equipped with "a light curtain»;
electronics of Siemens;
low price.

Filtration equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with national and international standards.

Standard series of polypropylene filter plates (chamber-filters, membrane filters with a fixed membrane,

membrane filters with a removable membrane): from 420x420 mm to 2000x2000 mm.

Plates allow to obtain a sediment`s thickness from 20 to 60 mm and work under pressures up to 3,5 MPa.

For separation of hot slurries (with temperatures above 60°C) plates are made with addition of special filler – non-alkaline fiberglass.

These filter plates are used by the leading manufacturers of filter-presses.

Lab filter-press

NT-Prom laboratory is fully equipped for tests a filterability of different suspensions.

Subsequent verification nature tests at Customer`s site allow to specify a modes of filtration and filter cloth.

NT-Prom provides a full range of engineering services for uptake and maintenance of filter equipment:

calculation and selection of equipment;
draft of installation;
production and delivery of equipment;
erection, starting-up and adjustment;
guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service;
a wide range of polypropylene filter-plates and components for the chamber- and chamber-membrane filters of various brands, including Putsch, Larox, Andritz, Choquenet etc;
calendered monofilament filter clothes with increased resource;
filter napkins for chamber filter-presses, made by any moulds;
supply of spare parts and consumables.

Our filters on sugar factory in Kursk region (Russia)...

... and on cupper ore-dressing and processing enterprise Eti Bakir (Turkey).

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