Hydrocyclone-strainer filters

Hydrocyclone filter GF-2/80

Filter is designed for effective cleaning of viscous liquids, including syrups and for clarifying of sugar production with density up to 72% DM from mechanical suspensions and fine-dispersed impurities (up to 20 microns).

Filter-module consists of:
• strainer, designed for removal of large impurities - up to 600 microns;
• hydrocyclone of fine cleaning - up to 20 microns.

The main advantages of this filter:
• high performance of high-density slurries filtration;
• continuity of filtration;
• full autonomy;
• compactness;
• considerable time life;
• low costs of maintenance and repair;
• low cost of filtration station;
• absence of cloth elements (frames, cartriges, etc.) and simultaneous application of the principle of static separation allows to lead

an effective filtering of viscous liquids (up to 72% DM) with a temperature of 80 .. 85C;
• possibility to raise DM of syrup at the outlet of evaporator;
• no expences for filter cloth.

The main features of filter GF-2/80:

overall size – 2025x820x2400 mm;
weight - 480 kg;
work material - stainless steel;
stop valves, automation – of the world's leading manufacturers.

Filters GF-2 already work at 20 sugar factories in Russia and CIS.

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