Filter-elements and spare parts

NT-Prom offers to supply the whole range of necessary filter-elements:

• a wide assortment of polypropylene plates and accessories for chamber- and chamber-membrane filters of different brands,
including Putsch, Larox, Andritz, Choquenet etc;
cast iron and cast-aluminum filter plates for filtering high temperature suspensions;
calendered monofilament filter clothes with increased resource;
filter fabrics for chamber filter-presses, made by any moulds;
filter cartridges for filter-thickeners;
supply of spare parts and consumables;
strainer for hydrocyclone filters;
other spare parts and consumables.

Standard series of polypropylene filter plates (chamber-, with a fixed membrane, with a removable membrane):
from 420x420 mm to 2000x2000 mm.

Plates allow to obtain a with sediment thickness from 20 to 60 mm and work under pressures up to 3,5 MPa.
For separation the hot suspensions (with temperatures above 60°C) plates are made with the addition of a special filler – non-alkaline fiberglass.

These filter plates are used by the leading manufacturers of filter-presses.

calendered monofilament filter fabrics with increased resource;
filter cloths for chamber filter presses, made by any patterns;
filter cartridges for filters-thickeners;
supply of spare parts and consumables;
screens for strainer of hydrocyclone filters.

All filter elements have confirmed the high efficiency at several Russian sugar factories.


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